Blackwell Photography

Your one stop shop for all your Gpose needs! My name is Rebecca Blackwell. I am a Sargatanas native, with characters all over the globe. I have 2 and a half years of experience with gpose, mastering the vanilla elements of gpose first, before finally bringing my work further beyond. Please feel free to click the links below to see some samples, offerings, pricing, and more!


Our Models

Want a photo with another person, but don't have anyone in mind? You can select from our Models here to use for your commission! All models are available for both SFW and NSFW requests, any gender combinations.Our Models are featured below. In order from Left to Right, they are Sotep-et-en-ra, Khulan Dhoro, Bitara Jorie, Momo Pop, Druvoux Drapaux, and Kazutame Bakaro.

Commission Me

Please send me a tell in game, respond to an active Party Finder, or DM me on Discord to open a commission. Prices are subject to change based on the complexity of the request. If requesting Glamour assistance for you photo, please click the Carrd link below the price chart to visit my Glamour request page. Prices are per set. One set is 5-6 photos, depending on the pose.

SFW300k gilSFW400k gil
NSFW500k gilNSFW650k+ gil